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Background of TSET 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has not yet ended, it is a reminder that pandemics are rare. Pandemics have happened before and may occur in the future, even if we are not able to prevent the emergence of the virus, then we must prepare conditions to prevent harm to the wider community. The issue this time is a global effort to overcome several problems after the pandemic and the impact of the pandemic on society. This pandemic shows the interconnectedness of the global sector, so many solutions are offered and isolationism is growing.

Technology is developing very rapidly in supporting the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, research is needed that discusses solutions to problems being faced from several aspects such as appropriate technology.

In celebrating the 3rd Dies Natalis of Dian Nusantara University, we provide an ideal academic platform for researchers to present the latest research findings. This symposium is organized by Dian Nusantara University which will cooperate with several universities as Co-Hosts.

The vision of this symposium is to provide a discussion forum for academics, researchers, and policymakers across disciplines for deliberation and dissemination of contemporary research on various issues related to the technology after the Covid-19 Pandemic. This event will take the theme “Post Pandemic adaptation : Exploring advances Interdisciplinary Research in Digital Era”.

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